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Who let the dogs out?

03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.
Set by: matt



phix: 2774
bubbles: 1194
nokio: 1180
argonator: 657
matt: 251
syrius: 250
sloat: 250
syrius_: 241
bryno: 239
squirmy: 235


phix: 5836
nokio: 1542
argonator: 696

Stats on Mon Apr 14 02:28:31 2003 by matt
Welp, Betrayed has finally got stats up on liek. lives again. Its now using mIRCStats, which seems to have less of a problem joining nicknames of people who use more then 1.

Today is... on Wed Apr 9 16:40:34 2003 by Sloat
Today is's 3rd anniversary!
Hooray for...uh.. stuff!

Merger on Tue Apr 1 18:56:28 2003 by matt
We would like to announce today that #liek and #thezone are merging. After the years of disagreement between the channels and their founders we have finally cleared everything up. #liek and #thezone members will no longer need to connect to 2 networks to talk to everyone. We will be forming a new irc network asap, and naming the new channel #liekzone. This merger should be beneficial to everyone.

Stuff on Sun Mar 30 11:51:51 2003 by matt
Hm, hasn't been a news article in a while... moo.
For a good laugh: ;]

MKR on Fri Mar 7 22:48:15 2003 by matt
Well, it seems MKR has decided to make his site even more boring then before... Heh.

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